Ramirez, Eduardo

Eduardo “Eddie” Ramirez is the Administrative Officer for Mental Health and the Minority Veterans Program Coordinator (MVPC) for the San Francisco VA Medical Center. He is responsible for all administrative services for Mental Health. As MVPC, he does workshops and outreach events to educate veterans so they understand what VA benefits and services they are entitled to. He has done numerous outreach events in the Bay Area and is available to all veterans and active duty members for assistance. He honorably served and retired US Air Force Master Sergeant, Service –connected. He is a Gulf War and Cold War Veteran. He has a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a BS in Vocational Education, and three Associate Degrees from the Community College of the Air Force. He has been appointed as a Commissioner for the City and County of San Francisco VA Commission. He has worked for NASA, Dept of Labor, and has been working at the VA for 4 years. Eddie is also the Commander of the New American Legion Ceasar E. Chavez Post and the Chair of the San Francisco Veterans Commission.


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