Powell, Anthony

I am a historian with over thirty years of studying, teaching, collecting and writing about the American Buffalo Soldier. In 1978-80 I was named director of the Buffalo Soldier Historical Society and curator of its museum in Flagstaff, Arizona while teaching a course at Northern Arizona University on musicology, the science of museum organization, management and equipment. for the National Minority Military Museum Foundation. In 1982 I was one of two men considered for the position of Program manager, California Museum of Afro-American History & Culture.

I have been Curator of the National Traveling Exhibition “The Buffalo Soldier” since 1980. My first exhibition “Ready and Forward” was the first of its kind. This exhibit was dedicated at the Presidio Army Museum on February 9, 1980 and one year later the Golden Gate National Recreation Area installed the exhibition at Fort Point, San Francisco, where it has been seen by thousands of people between 1981 to the present. In 1986, I worked in partnership with the California Afro American Museum on the exhibition “To Prove Our Worth, The Irony of the Black Military Experience 1861 to 1975”. Also, from 1993 to 1994, the Smithsonian Institution was able to put onan exhibit honoring the “Buffalo Soldiers” with the loan of photographs from my rare collection.

My traveling exhibit, “The African American Soldier in the U.S. Army, 1866-1902”, was on exhibition at the Presidio Museum, The Presidio of San Francisco, April 22 to June 26, 1994; the Los Angeles WATTS SUMMER GAMES, July 1994; the Los Angeles Black Family Reunion at Exposition Park, August 1994; Black Expo U.S.A. Long Beach, September 10 and 11, 1994; Colonel Allen Allensworth State Historic Park, October 7-9, 1994; The African American Historical Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley. Also, over the years I have been a guest on numerous Radio and TV news and talk shows throughout the country. Over the last three decades, I have lectured extensively on the subject of Black Military History, at University/Colleges.


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