Purvis-Allen, Eve

Esther Eve Purvis-Allen is a Disabled Gulf War Veteran. Eve is the proud wife of Robert G. Allen II (also a Gulf War Veteran) and mother of four. Eve is a national educator, an advocate of community and redevelopment empowerment. In 2007-2010, Mayor Ronald V. Dellums appointed Eve to the Commission Oakland Housing Authority. In 2009, she received her Commissioner’s Housing and Redevelopment Certification. From 2009 to present, Board of Supervisor (BOS) Miley appointed Eve to the Alameda County Commission on the Status on Women in which she currently still serves as Secretary and the Alameda County Veteran Commission.  Eve completed her Bachelors of Science education: in Vocational Teacher Education, Corporate Training, and holds a Masters in Education.  In 2013,she became the research facilitator of the Alameda County Veterans Collaborative. She has developed and hosted a series of films and panels at :City College of Alameda, UC Berkeley on women veteran issues. Presently, Eve  is in pursuit of her Doctorate’s Degree  at UC Berkeley 2013.  Her passion is: “greater service, greater progress” to helping veterans and communities.  Eve is the Event Developer  for Sankofa Sunday.  Eve’s Favorite Quote and Inspiration: “Strive to do something in life that the world would care about for years after you have passed on”


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