Williams, Bea

Bea WilliamsBea Williams, an active member of Glad Tidings Church of God n Christ, has been serving in the ministry of health and wellness for over 10 years.  A trained nutritionist, Ms. Williams is committed to increasing the health status of  men, boys, women and girls across the lifespan.  She is concerned about the rise in health disparities within ethnic and minority communities and has consistently volunteered her time to combat these disparities.  Mrs. Williams is currently the Director of Black Women’s Media Project where  she has worked and volunteered for a number of years where her efforts were focused on substance abuse and addiction.

Ms. Williams is contracted by the Region IX Office on Women’s Health under the Obama Administration where she works to improve the health and well being of women and girls, as well as African American families in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada as well as six Pacific Island Jurisdictions by educating and motivating behavioral changes through the dissemination of gender-based health information.  She is a much sought-after speaker and teacher of” Your Sacred Temple” and “Who’s Dream are you Building”. Mrs Williams has conducted  workshops  with Tavis Smiley’s Road to Health in Oakland, California. Currently Mrs Williams teaches, and consults individuals on Nutrition, “Gods Prescription to Health, and Physical Fitness”.


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